October 27, 2016


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To order any publication and/or item listed below, send a check or money order payable to “YTHS” for the price of the book(s) plus shipping [$4.95 (US); $11.95 (CAN, MEX); $13.95 (all other countries)]. Mail to:

Patricia Machmiller, Publications
c/o Yuki Teikei Haiku Society
PO Box 53475
San Jose CA 95153

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2001 Spring Sky, ed. June Hopper Hymas$ 5

Yuki Teikei Publications Price
Seasons Words in English Haiku, ed., Jun-ichi Sakuma, 1980 $ 5
Sakura, eds. donnalynn chase and June Hopper Hymas, 2009 $ 6
San Francisco Bay Area Saijiki, eds., A. Homan, P. Gallagher, P.J. Machmiller $32
Yuki Teikei Members’ Anthologies
2002 The Heron Leans Forward, eds. Anne M. Homan and donnalynn chase $ 5
2003 Migrating Mist, eds. Anne M. Homan and donnalynn chase $ 5
2005 Growing a Green Heart, eds. Anne M. Homan and P.J. Machmiller $ 6
2006 Flying White, eds. donnalynn chase and June Hopper Hymas $ 7
2008 Muse of the Bird-Song Tree, ed. Paul O. Williams $ 8
2009 Extinguished Candles, ed. donnalynn chase $ 8
2011 Wild Violets, eds. Jerry Ball and Joan Zimmerman $12
2012 Bending Reeds, ed. P.J. Machmiller $14
2013 Above the Clouds, ed. Patrick Gallagher $12
2014 Scattered Acorns, ed. June Hopper Hymas $12
2015 The Plover and the Moonstone, ed. P.J. Machmiller $15
2016 Cherry Blossom Light, ed. Mimi Ahern $12
2017 hanami dango, eds. Phillip Kennedy and Amy Ostenso-Kennedy $12
2018 nesting dolls, eds. Amy Ostenso-Kennedy and Phillip Kennedy $12
Haiku Journal [Yuki Teiki’s early publications]
Vol 2, 1978 (on Amazon: $19) $15
Vol 3, 1979 (on Amazon: $15) (on Abebooks $15 plus $4)
Vol 4, 1980 (Not available on Amazon)
Vol 5, 1981/1982 (on Amazon: $6.00)
$ 5
Vol 6, 1983-86 (on Amazon: $6.50)
$ 5
Vol 2-6 as a set
Autumn Loneliness: The Letters of Kiyoshi and Kiyoko Tokutomi, July-December, 1967 $28
Diary of Kiyoshi Tokutomi, trans., Tei Matsushita Scott $10
YT Tote Bags $15

Out of Print YTHS Publications

These publication are no longer in print. But if there is sufficient interest, they may be reprinted. If you are interested in obtaining one of the publications listed below, please contact Patricia Machmiller at the address near the top of this page. In the table below, an item whose price shows as ‘OOP’ is out of print or production. If and when they are reprinted, their price will be determined at that time.

Yuki Teikei PublicationsPrice

Young Leaves: An Old Way of Seeing New, the 25th Anniversary issue, 2000 OOP
Yuki Teikei Members’ Anthologies
2004 Dreams of Slow Mice, eds. Anne M. Homan and P.J. Machmiller OOP
2007 Fog and Brittle Pine, eds. donnalynn chase and June Hopper Hymas OOP
2010 Autumn Deepens, eds. Jerry Ball and June Hopper Hymas OOP
Haiku Journal [Yuki Teiki’s early publications]
Vol 1, 1977 OOP

Descriptions of Selected YTHS Publications

“Autumn Loneliness. The letters of Kiyoshi & Kiyoko Tokutomi, July – December 1967”, Translated by Tei Matsushita Scott & Patricia J. Machmiller, Hardscratch Press, 2009. The Tokutomis were the founders of the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society. The book contains 300 letters of those exchanged between Kiyoshi and Kiyoko during a very difficult period in their lives. In 1967 Kiyoshi had just lost his hearing due to medication he was taking for tuberculosis. He traveled to Japan for a long hospital stay to undergo treatment that would attempt to recover his hearing. Kiyoko remained in the U.S. in Japantown San Jose with their 10-year-old daughter, Yukiko. The letters reveal their deeply respectful and loving relationship, how they dealt with grief and disappointment ”individually and together” and the empathetic and steadfast way they supported each other during difficult times. The 360 page book has a selection of pictures of the Tokutomis in their early years.“Kiyoko’s Sky; The Haiku of Kiyoko Tokutomi”, translations by Patricia Machmiller and Fay Aoyagi with introduction by June Hopper Hymas, Brooks Books, 2002.

The book was awarded “Best Memoir 2010” by Bay Area Independent Book Publishers. Judge’s comments: “The letters have an engaging, lyrical quality that read not only as a document of their times, but also as a window into the spirits and souls of two young people deeply in love with each other and fully engaged in the wonder and challenge of living. . . . This little gem [is] one of those rare finds one always feels blessed to have run across—interesting and moving in a quiet way.”

“Although I did not know the Tokutomis were such significant people in the world of haiku, I still found the story of their love, their hardships, their separation, and their challenges to be presented in a way that enchanted, captivated, and fascinated me. The book is nearly impossible to put down.”

“San Francisco Bay Area Nature Guide and Saijiki”, eds. Anne M. Homan, Patrick Gallagher, and Patricia J. Machmiller, published by Yuki Teikei Haiku Society, 2010. This SF Bay Area saijiki was eleven years in the making and contains 96 region-specific kigos with descriptions, photographs, and haiku. It can be previewed at www.lulu.com; also can be purchased directly from lulu for $36.40. An ebook addition is also available at www.lulu.com for $5.99.

“Diary of Kiyoshi Tokutomi: July 1975 to December 1977”, translated by Tei Matsushita Scott and with annotations and introduction by Patricia J. Machmiller, lulu, 2010. It can be previewed at www.lulu.com and purchased there.

“Season Words in English Haiku” by Jun-ichi Sakuma & YTHS. 1980.
A survey of all the haiku being used in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

“Sakura”, eds. donnalynn chase & June Hopper Hymas, 2009. This little book contains cherry blossom verses from over 15 years of YTHS linked poetry.