March 9, 2019

D. Claire Gallagher

Claire Gallagher

family reunion—
some of the beached kelp
in knots

1st Place, HSA Harold Henderson Haiku Awards (2007)

weathered bench—
I open my palms
to the winter sky

2nd Place, San Francisco International Haiku Contest (2007)

the tube of cadmium yellow
squeezed flat

2nd Place, San Francisco International Haiku Contest (2004)

the closer we get . . .
losing my friend’s heart-to-heart
to the waterfall

1st Place, British Haiku Society Hackett Award Contest (1999)

budding maples—
how fast the ground moves
under his tricycle

How Fast the Ground Moves, Saki Press, 2001

blowing out
one birthday candle
the whole family

2nd place, HSA Brady Contest (1998)

his arthritis
guiding the hoe—
late tomatoes

The Heron’s Nest IV:2 (2002)

Advent altar—
a candle wick straightens
within the flame

3rd Place, NLAPW Poetry Contest (1999)

winter solstice—
the sunset incantations
of red-winged blackbirds

Frogpond XXIV:3 (2001)

the dark folds
of a greening mountain —
my sister’s locked diary

The Heron’s Nest VIII:2 (2006)

sultry day—
melancholy squeezed
from his accordion

Acorn #20 (2008)

slicing apples
into the dented pan—
howl of the wind

The Heron’s Nest X:2 (2008), Heron’s Nest Award

All poems copyright by D. Claire Gallagher. They may not be used for any purpose without explicit permission.